Visitors to the UK

Obtaining a visit visa should be simple, but unfortunately it rarely is.  Since the right of appeal against the refusal of a visit visa was removed in July 2013, it has been increasingly difficult to obtain a visit visa and almost impossible to challenge a refusal.

Where once it was sufficient to simply put in a ‘sponsorship declaration’ and a few bank statements, it is now important to consider what evidence you can provide of the purpose of the visit, the intention to return home at the end, whether sufficient funds are available to cover the cost of the visit, and the available accommodation. 

We can assist you to identify the correct visit visa for your purposes, advise you on how best to present the application and what supporting evidence to provide, including drafting a letter from the sponsor.  Where there has been a previous refusal, we can advise you on dealing with the reasons for that refusal and the additional evidence which may need to be submitted.

We will also advise you on what you can and cannot do while on your visit visa and whether there is any possibility of seeking an extension of your leave once you are in the UK.

We can assist with all types of visit visa including:

  • Standard visitors (including family visitors);
  • Visitors coming to the UK to receive private medical treatment;
  • Visitors coming to the UK to marry/enter into a civil partnership.

Our Skilled and Business Immigration team can assist with: