Business and Academic Visitors

Appendix V of the Immigration Rules provide for visitors to come to the UK for business purposes. The activities which are allowed and fleshed out in the Visit Guidance

Those applying to enter the UK for business must explain clearly what they will be doing and must ensure that once here they do not engage in any activities which could be construed as unlawful work.

Businesses inviting their overseas staff or their business partners must also ensure that the visitors’ activities are confined to what is permitted.

We will provide tailored and appropriate advice and will assist with the drafting of invitation letters and with visit visa applications.

Appendix V and the Visit Guidance also contain the rules and policies for Academic Visitors.  An Academic Visitor is highly qualified in his or her own field of expertise and currently working in that field at an academic or higher education institution overseas.  He or she can come to the UK for up to 12 months to carry out private research, participate in conferences and seminars, share knowledge or experience and hold informal discussions.

Domestic workers in private employment overseas can accompany their employer to the UK for up to six months.  We can advise and assist with the strict rules and the specific evidence which is required for the visa applications required of domestic workers.