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We are solicitors in Oxford and Reading, specialising in offering legal services to individuals and businesses across a variety of specialisms. We're proud of the skills and expertise encapsulated in our team, and aim to work in an honest and friendly way.

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Nominated charities

We support and raise money for four nominated charities:

Donnington Doorstep

The first is Donnington Doorstep, a local family centre that supports children and their carers. They aim to provide a safe, welcoming environment for anyone with young children to visit freely, make friends or get support in an informal way. The centre is open-plan and accessible, and has a large garden with grass and two sandpits.

Donnington Doorstep are independent of the statutory services and very much a user-led organisation. They are always busy, with 60 to 100 people from all cultures, nationalities and walks of life visiting each day. They are open from 10 am to 3 pm, Monday to Friday, 50 weeks of the year, and 10.30 am to 2 pm Saturdays. At midday you can buy a healthy home-cooked lunch from our kitchen.

They also provide a range of other services, including training in areas such as multi-cultural awareness, play and catering, a volunteer programme, student placements and a toy library. They also offer a holiday drop-in play scheme for children aged 8 to 14.

Donnington Doorstep is currently funded by a combination of statutory and non-statutory sources. They receive approximately 30% of their overall funding from the Local Authority and the rest of their income comes from statutory grants, small trusts, national organisations such as Children in Need, and fundraising and donations from supporters.


The second is Oxford Sexual Abuse and Rape Crises Centre (OSARCC) - a local charity providing support services to women and girls across Oxfordshire who have experienced any form of sexual violence, at any time in their lives. They also support the friends, family members and professional supporters of survivors. Their services, which include a confidential helpline, email support and weekly support groups, are free to access and aim to support and empower survivors of sexual violence. OSARCC also provide training for people working with survivors of sexual violence and do outreach work with young people to increase awareness and understanding of sexual violence and consent.

OSARCC can be contacted on 0800 783 6294 (helpline open 6.30pm-9pm Monday and Thursday, 11.30am-2pm Friday, 6pm-8.30pm Sunday) or by email at support@osarcc.org.uk.


The third is Free Legal Advice Group for Domestic Violence (or FLAG DV for short) - dedicated to supporting victims of domestic violence and abuse, children and young people through:

  • empowerment and protection
  • informing choice and understanding of legal rights and responsibilities
  • breaking the cycle of re-offending

From October 2013, they will run a fortnightly free legal advice clinic in Newbury, West Berkshire. They will provide people with free, confidential advice on a one to one basis. Their trained, experienced, legal advisors will help people by ensuring they understand their choices in law. All of their solicitors (including us), legal advisors, trustees and administrators give their time for free.

There are at least 6000 victims of domestic violence and abuse a year, both men and women, in West Berkshire. Around 5 victims a month will require an emergency order to ensure their safety or that of their children or their property.

A shocking 1 in 4 women and 1 in 6 men will experience domestic violence. In 2010 the lives of 21 men and 94 women were taken by their partner or ex-partner and many more were injured. Children are often hurt or psychologically damaged too.

Victims of domestic abuse have complex legal needs. They may be facing homelessness or debt, they may need help on ending their relationship or doing the best for their children. Most do not know their legal rights. Most cannot easily find out what their legal rights are. Legal aid is vanishing and people are afraid to approach solicitors. FLAG DV wants to bridge that gap.

Turpin & Miller will be organising various events throughout the year to raise money for these charities as well as collecting in the office. We will keep everyone up to date with our progress and events on our website and through Twitter at @TurpinMillerFam and @TurpinMillerImm.

We are also setting up Just Giving pages for these charities to enable online giving and sponsorship.

Parents And Children Together (PACT)

Parents And Children Together (PACT) has been supporting and strengthening families since 1911.

PACT is one of the leading adoption charities in the country placing more children with ‘forever families’ than any other agency. PACT provides adoption and fostering services including award winning specialist therapeutic support.

The children placed with PACT families have often been at risk and removed from their birth families following neglect and abuse. Consequently, these children will have experienced a more challenging start in life than most. It is common for them to suffer from attachment difficulties and disorders, and they may also be affected by childhood trauma which can make it hard for them to trust and bond with other adults. PACT therefore provides specialist therapeutic support such as counselling, Theraplay and life story work, helping children to overcome these difficulties and preventing placements from breaking down.

PACT also provides community support to hundreds of local families every year through projects in Berkshire such as Alana House in Reading, a centre for vulnerable women at times of crisis and Bounce Back 4 Kids a therapeutic support programme for children who have been victims or witnesses of domestic abuse.

To find out more about PACT and the work we do with vulnerable families in your community please visit www.pactcharity.org

Art in the office

We have established links with some local artists and we display their work in our Oxford office. All pieces are for sale from the artist. Please contact reception on 01865 770111 for further information.