British Citizenship

For many, naturalising as a British citizen is the last stage in a long journey of successive visa applications.  The grant of British citizenship by naturalisation is, however, discretionary. 

It is important therefore that your application is carefully presented and any possible grounds for refusal identified at an early stage. We will give particular attention to your immigration history over the past ten years because even minor immigration errors in the past can lead to refusals of citizenship.

Your application for naturalisation will probably be decided within six months. If the decision is favourable, the final step is a citizenship ceremony, provided by the local authority, where you will make the oath or affirmation of allegiance and you will be given your certificate of naturalisation.

Before applying for British citizenship you should check if your country of nationality allows you to hold both British citizenship and your existing citizenship, or if you have to take any steps to keep your old and your new citizenship.

You should give careful consideration to the registration of children as British citizens; some rights to register are lost when a child reaches the age of 18. The Project for the Registration of Children as British Citizens is campaigning to raise awareness of the importance of registration. 

We have wide experience in citizenship and nationality matters encompassing the various ways of acquiring nationality (birth, adoption, descent, naturalisation, and registration) and the different forms of nationality, including British Overseas Citizens; British Overseas Territories Citizens; British National (Overseas). We are also able to assist with registration of children as British citizens, by entitlement or discretion.

We can assist with applications for British citizenship in a variety of ways. These include an initial consultation where we check your eligibility and advise on the procedure; a checking service where we review your fully prepared citizenship application; and a comprehensive service where we handle your application from start to finish.