Applications for Partners and Children

Dealing with the immigration authorities – whether here in the UK or abroad – can be a stressful and confusing experience.  When you are making applications for family members, the anxiety of ensuring that you have done it all ‘right’ can be overwhelming.

Whether you are bringing a loved one to the UK for the first time or seeking to extend their leave to remain once they are here, it is vital to understand the requirements and the procedures for making a successful application. 

Mistakes can be costly, both in financial and emotional terms.  While a failure to meet the requirements for an application from outside the UK can cause delay and upset, a failure to meet the requirements for an extension application can result in someone becoming an overstayer, losing their right to work and having to leave the UK and start the whole process again.

The expertise of our team in preparing and presenting applications for partners and children is unrivalled. 

We will deal with all aspects of your application, from taking detailed instructions at the outset, to providing a Schedule of Documents, checking all your evidence against the requirements, preparing online forms, sorting and uploading documents, and dealing with the Visa Application Centre or UKVI.

We offer a one off initial consultation to discuss your options, but due to the complexity of these cases, we do not offer a ‘checking service’.  If you choose to instruct us to do the application, the initial consultation fee will be deducted from the overall fee for our services.