Skilled Worker Visa & Sponsorship

Whether you are an individual who wants to work in the UK or an employer looking to recruit and keep the best talent, we can help with strategic advice and practical solutions.

The Skilled Worker visa route is the main work-based immigration route. It requires sponsorship from a UK employer who holds a valid sponsor licence. Whether you are involved in tech, bio pharma, the charity sector, construction or hospitality, our team has ample experience in helping you recruit and retain exceptional talent.

Individuals can be sponsored for up to 5 years, at which point they will be eligible to apply for settlement. The worker’s partner and children can apply with them as dependents. In a competitive and complex market, sponsorship is an attractive offer which can put businesses ahead of competitors.  

Recent changes to the immigration rules have added a layer of complexity to the sponsorship process, particularly regarding the minimum income requirement. We are ready to help employers and workers navigate these changes. We can advise on whether a given role is eligible for sponsorship, the most appropriate SOC code for the role, the minimum salary required and any concessions available.

The sponsorship process involves three key stages: 

  • There must be a genuine vacancy, the role must be eligible for sponsorship and the worker must be paid a salary which meets the minimum requirements  
  • Sponsors must obtain Certificates of Sponsorship (“CoS”) from UKVI and, once granted, assign the CoS to the worker 
  • A Skilled Worker visa application must be submitted for the worker and for any dependents

We can assist with the sponsorship process from start to finish. We provide a helping hand to ensure sponsorship is carried out efficiently, minimising time and cost to employers.  

In particular, we can assist with: 

  • Advising on whether a role is eligible for sponsorship
  • Advising on the most appropriate job code (SOC code) for the role
  • Advising on the minimum salary requirement, taking into account any concessions available 
  • Conducting a thorough eligibility check to anticipate any difficulties to keep costs down and reduce waiting times 
  • Applying for and assigning Certificates of Sponsorship 
  • Working closely with the worker to submit a Skilled Worker visa application 
  • We can also support workers with extension and settlement applications at the appropriate time

As a niche, specialist law firm, we offer a holistic and multi-disciplinary approach. We are well placed to assist with unusual or difficult applications, whether in relation to a worker’s circumstances, family members, notice periods or time constraints, and we can also advise on alternative routes where appropriate. 

Our clients range from large multi-nationals, SMEs and start-ups to universities and NGOs and religious institutions. Our clients span a range of sectors including tech, bio pharma, the charity sector, construction, hospitality and health care. 

We provide flexible packages, providing organisations with as much or as little assistance as they need.

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