Tier 2 and Sponsored Migration

UK based organisations require a Tier 2 sponsorship licence, granted by the Home Office, in order to recruit globally and employ the skilled staff they require and cannot find from within the resident work force.

The Tier 2 scheme has been widely criticised as overly complex. It is our role to make the process as smooth and straightforward for you as possible.

We can advise you on the HR and other requirements you must meet in order for the Home Office to consider you suitable for a Tier 2 licence. We can then advise on the documents required to support your licence application.

Once you hold your Tier 2 sponsorship licence we can help you manage it, acting as representative and Level 1 user. We will guide you on the applicable SOC codes, the minimum salaries, the current requirements for the Resident Labour Market Test, and applying for, and assigning, both restricted and unrestricted Certificates of Sponsorship. 

The government has announced an overhaul of the Tier 2 route that is expected to take effect from January 2021, including lowering the minimum skill level from degree level to A-level, and abolishing the Resident Labour Market Test. The full policy statement can be found here.

From 1 January 2021, businesses seeking to employ EU citizens from overseas will be required to sponsor them within the Tier 2 framework, in line with non-EU citizens. Accordingly, the government is urging employers not currently approved as a sponsor to consider doing so now if they wish to sponsor employees from overseas, including the EU, from this date.

Your Tier 2 employees must make the appropriate applications for permission to come to the UK and to remain, sponsored by you.  We can advise on each and every issue which comes up in relation to the requirements of the rules, ensuring that your employees can join you and comply with the rules once they are here.

Our experience in this area includes long relationships with international charities, a major university and colleges, numerous science spin outs, churches and mosques, along with a wide variety of businesses from the small and local to global enterprises with offices in every continent.