Sponsor Licence

A sponsor licence can unlock access to world-leading talent for your business to thrive. In a post-Brexit world, UK employers must have a valid sponsor licence before they can recruit international staff, whether they are based abroad or living in the UK.  

A sponsor licence provides the means to assign Certificates of Sponsorship (digital work permits) to overseas nationals and their dependents to obtain visas to live and work for you in the UK.

Recent changes to the immigration rules have added a layer of complexity to the sponsorship process, particularly regarding eligible roles and minimum income requirements. We are ready to help your business navigate these changes. We have many years’ experience assisting UK employers successfully apply for sponsor licences, from start-ups, SMEs and multi-nationals to NGOs, charities, universities, and religious institutions. Our clients operate in a range of sectors including bio pharma, tech, hospitality, construction, and health and social care.  

We recognise that agile businesses don’t all look the same. We provide a strategic view of how regulations are enforced in practice and scan the horizon for immigration issues that can arise. We frequently advise founders and entrepreneurs on various stages of their business development.

To obtain a sponsor licence, you must demonstrate that your business is:

  • Lawfully trading in the UK
  • You can offer employment and pay the appropriate rates for that role
  • You have robust HR systems in place to comply with sponsorship duties
  • You have identified key personnel to manage the licence and maintain compliance

Some of the most common sponsor compliance duties include: 

  • Reporting changes to worker circumstances
  • Keeping adequate records for sponsored workers and recruitment
  • Conducting right to work checks on all employees

Failure to comply with these duties may trigger compliance visits, and could lead to downgrading, suspension, or revocation of a sponsor licence, thus impacting on the ability to continue to employ sponsored workers in the UK. 

We can help you manage your licence, providing as much or as little assistance as you need. We offer competitive and attractive packages. 

When business structures change, we can advise on mergers and acquisitions, and TUPE transfers from an immigration law perspective to ensure that you are fully compliant with UK Visas and Immigration requirements.  

The routes requiring a sponsor licence are classified as ‘Worker’ and ‘Temporary worker’ routes. Worker routes include: 

  • Skilled Worker 
  • Health and Care Worker
  • Global Business Mobility - Senior Specialist worker  
  • Tier 2 Minister of Religion 
  • International sportsperson 

Temporary worker routes include: 

  • Charity Worker 
  • Creative Worker  
  • Government Authorised Exchange     
  • International Agreement  
  • Religious Worker    
  • Scale-up Worker       
  • Seasonal Worker    

The following Global Business mobility routes: Graduate Trainee, UK Expansion worker, Service Supplier and Secondment worker 

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