Sponsor Licence

UK based organisations require a Skilled Worker sponsor licence, previously known as a Tier 2 licence, in order to recruit globally and employ the skilled staff they require.

What is a sponsor licence?

Acquiring a sponsor licence is the first hurdle for an organisation looking to employ non-UK workers.

From 1 January 2021, UK employers need a sponsor licence to recruit both EEA and non-EEA citizens. UK organisations without a sponsor licence should consider applying for a sponsor licence in order to be able to recruit staff from outside the UK quickly once the need arises.

Employers that already have a Tier 2 sponsor licence can use it to sponsor a Skilled Worker from 1 December 2020.

Sponsored migration has been widely criticised as overly complex. Skilled Worker applicants now face additional obstacles as recent changes to the Immigration Rules have introduced a number of category-specific validity requirements which are likely to catch some applicants out. It is our role to make the process as smooth and straightforward for you as possible.

Your Skilled Worker employees must make the appropriate applications for permission to come to the UK and to remain, sponsored by you.  We can advise on each and every issue which comes up in relation to the requirements, ensuring that your employees can join you and comply with the rules once they are here.

Our experience in this area includes long-standing relationships with international charities, a major university and colleges, numerous science spin outs, churches and mosques, along with a wide variety of businesses from the small and local to global enterprises with offices on every continent.