Defending Injunction Proceedings

If you have a Housing Association or Council tenancy and you are accused of anti-social behaviour then your landlord may apply to the Court for an injunction to prevent the behaviour continuing. Sometimes, neighbours involved in disputes may apply to the Court for an injunction against their neighbour.

It can be very upsetting and frightening to receive injunction papers from the Court and the effects of an injunction can be serious. Sometimes a power of arrest will be attached which means that you can be arrested if you breach the injunction. Breach of an injunction can lead to commital to prison or a fine.  If you are found by a Court to have breached an injunction then your landlord can bring a claim for possession of your home and the court will have no choice but to make a possession order.

If you have received Court papers for an injunction then you can seek advice from us.  If you have a strong enough case we can assist you in negotiating with your landlord or neighbour or in defending the injunction proceedings.  We have a wealth of experience in assisting people facing injunction proceedings and will provide a professional and understanding service to you.

If an injunction has already been made and you are accused of breaching it and face an application for committal to prison then Legal Aid is available for representation in Court.

We hold a contract with the Legal Aid Agency to provide Legal Aid to those who are facing injunction proceedings. This funding is subject to strict eligibility criteria, both in terms of your income and the merits of the case.  Check your financial eligibility here.