Deportation and Detention

Our team has a well-earned national reputation for assisting clients in immigration detention and those facing deportation.  We have represented appellants in a number of ground breaking cases and are committed to ensuring that those who are facing removal from the UK understand their rights and are assisted to present their case to the authorities in the best way possible.

We run a fortnightly free legal aid clinic at HMP Huntercombe. We run this in partnership with the Bonavero Institute of Human Rights and the Centre for Criminology, an institute and a centre within the Faculty of Law at the University of Oxford. 

If you are currently held under immigration detention powers in prison, we can assist with applications for bail, response to notices of intention to deport and deportation appeals. 

If your deportation case involves asylum matters (eg you were previously granted refugee status or humanitarian protection, came to the UK under the Family Reunion programme or wish to raise an asylum claim for the first time or as a ‘fresh claim’) we may be able to assist you under Legal Aid funding.

If your deportation case involves human rights matters (eg you have family members who are settled or British or there are medical grounds why you should not be removed), then we may be able to apply for Exceptional Case Funding from Legal Aid.  Your eligibility for this will depend on meeting strict income and merits criteria.  If we are not able to assist you under Legal Aid funding, we are happy to take your case on a private-paying basis and will discuss fees with you at the outset.

For those in immigration detention at any ‘immigration removal centre’ (including Brook House, Colnbrook, Dungavel House, Harmondsworth, Morton Hall, Tinsley House and Yarls Wood), please note we are not able to assist you under Legal Aid. 

Unlawful detention

If you believe that you are currently being detained unlawfully or have been subject to a period of unlawful detention in the past, it is possible you have a claim against the Home Office.

Establishing that a period of detention was unlawful is a complex task.  We have specialist solicitors who will be able to investigate your case carefully and provide clear advice as to whether the detention may have been unlawful.

Taking a case for unlawful detention may be funded by Legal Aid, or on a private paying basis.  In some cases we may be able to work on a ‘contingency fee’ (ie the amount you are required to pay is linked to the success of the case). 

Find out more information about our fees, or Judicial Review and other litigation generally.