New visa routes that can rely on GCSEs and A-levels to meet English requirement

The new Statement of Changes to the Immigration Rules includes changes to how the English language requirement can be met from 5 October 2023.

There are a number of visa categories that already allow applicants to rely on the following qualifications in English language or English literature to meet the English language requirement:

  • GCSE
  • A level
  • Scottish National Qualification at level 4 or 5
  • Scottish Higher or Advanced Higher

From 5 October 2023, additional visa routes are being added to the list that can take advantage of this provision:

  • entry clearance, permission to stay or settlement on the Representative of an Overseas Business route;
  • entry clearance or permission to stay on the T2 Minister of Religion route;
  • settlement on the UK Ancestry route;
  • settlement on the Global Talent route;
  • settlement on the Domestic Workers in a Private Household route
  • settlement on Hong Kong British National (Overseas) route;
  • settlement on the Appendix Child Staying with or joining a Non-Parent Relative (Protection) route

If you would like advice on whether you can benefit from this change, please contact our friendly team today.