eVisa guidance: What do I need to do if I have a paper document or passport endorsement?

The way that individuals prove their immigration status in the UK is changing. The Home Office is transitioning from physical documents to a digital status called an eVisa. Those with a Biometric Residence Permit (BRP) expiring on 31 December 2024 will need to set up a UKVI account and apply for an eVisa before this date. Those with a paper immigration status document or endorsement in their passport will need to take additional steps.

The Home Office has confirmed that those with a paper immigration document confirming their Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK will need to submit a No Time Limit (NTL) application in order to get their first BRP. They will then need to also set up a UKVI account and apply for an eVisa.

This applies to those with:

  • A paper Immigration Status Document
  • A wet ink immigration stamp in a current or expired passport
  • A vignette sticker in a current or expired passport

We recommend submitting the NTL application as soon as possible to be able to apply for the eVisa before the new system

What is a No Time Limit Application?

This is an application for those with Indefinite Leave to Remain i.e. ‘no time limit’ on their stay in the UK. It can be made by those who have a paper document to apply for their first BRP card.

The process involves an online application form, gathering evidence of continuous residence in the UK since ILR and attending a visa application centre appointment to provide biometrics (photograph, fingerprints). There is no Home Office application fee, however some biometric appointments are chargeable (typically £140).

Can I apply for British citizenship instead?

It may be possible to apply for British citizenship instead, subject to meeting the requirements. However, British citizenship applications take up to six months to be processed and applicants may wish to obtain proof of ILR first depending on their circumstances.

If you need assistance with the above, or if you have concerns about your immigration status in the UK, you can contact our friendly team for personalised advice.