Can visitors work remotely in the UK?

Since the pandemic, hybrid and remote working has grown in popularity. In part, because remote working allows flexibility to travel. The UK does not have a ‘Digital Nomad’ visa, however new guidance confirms that visitors can work remotely for an overseas employer, provided this is not the primary purpose of their visit.

Although this is not a new concession, the new Visit Guidance (version 14.0) published on 31 January 2024 provides more guidance than was previously available on the issue of remote working.

The guidance confirms that visitors can work remotely, i.e. undertake activities relating to their overseas employment while they are in the UK. The guidance gives examples of responding to emails, answering calls and attending remote meetings.

However, the guidance specifies that remote working must not be the primary purpose of the visit. There must be another permitted purpose, such as tourism including visiting friends and family or attending a business meeting in connection with their overseas employment. The remote working should be secondary to this permitted purpose.

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