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Property disputes or housing legal issues? Our Housing Department is committed to protecting your housing rights. We undertake the following types of work:

  • Representation for tenants threatened with eviction on grounds such as rent arrears or anti social behaviour.
  • Assisting tenants suffering from harassment from their landlords or attempts to evict them without following correct legal procedure.
  • Assistance to the homeless, and people at risk of being homeless, on securing accommodation from the Council.
  • Challenges to failures by the Council to provide homeless people with temporary accommodation.
  • Assisting in enforcing landlord's obligations to carry out repairs and obtaining compensation for failure to carry out repairs.
  • Advising those living in Council, Housing Association and private sector accommodation on succeeding to the tenancy of someone they live with.


We have a variety of levels of fee earners who can offer different private rates and some types of work can be completed on a fixed fee basis.

We also have a contract with the Legal Services Commission to provide legal aid for Housing. We are able to offer free legal help and assistance where you are eligible on the basis of your income. We are able to apply for full public funding certificates for more complex cases in order to meet your litigation needs.

County Court Duty Scheme

Our representatives have been selected to run the County Court Duty Scheme which involves attending Oxford County Court on Tuesday mornings to provide support, legal help and representation to those who have not had the benefit of legal advice prior to the hearing, regardless of their income.

Our contacts in the community

We work closely with a number of Citizens Advice Bureaux and other advice agencies as well as taking direct referrals. Housing problems are often related to other issues such as employment, discrimination and ill health and we can make referrals both to outside agencies and, internally, to our other Departments to provide expert advice and assistance with associated issues.

Notable cases

Notable cases dealt with by Turpin & Miller Housing team which have reached the Court of Appeal and the Supreme Court:


Our housing team is based in Oxford.