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Turpin & Miller LLP celebrates its ten year anniversary

Turpin & Miller LLP was set up in April 2002 by two Partners - Philip Turpin and Clare Miller. Philip and Clare had both been working at various law firms within Oxford, battling to persuade their employers that Legal Aid work was viable and worthwhile. After many years of struggle, it dawned on them that the best way to ensure the future of publicly funded work in Oxfordshire was to create their own firm. In 2010, Philip and Clare were joined by two further Partners, Jo Renshaw and Emily Boardman and we became an LLP.

We now have offices in two counties and more than 40 staff, many of whom are developing excellent reputations as lawyers of the highest quality amongst their peers, with clients and the communities we work with.

We have actively campaigned against the proposed cuts to legal aid and will now continue to develop ways of assisting those with limited funds through flexible funding arrangements. We are also expanding our private client work into new areas and developing work funded by competitive hourly rates, fixed fees and conditional fee agreements.

In 2012 we celebrate our ten year anniversary and we are proud to have survived many changes and still be here to provide specialist legal advice of the highest quality to all our clients, regardless of their financial resources.

We will be celebrating our anniversary throughout the year and will keep everyone up to date with our progress and events on our website and through Twitter at @TurpinMiller.