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Legal aid

In April 2013 legal aid changed. The types of cases covered by legal aid are being restricted and the evidence required to get legal aid will be stricter.

This page is designed to assist those considering whether they are eligible to receive legal aid in advance of contacting a solicitor.

For funding of cases under alternative arrangements please see our services.

Legal Aid for Housing Related Problems

Legal aid is available for people on a low income with little or no savings who are facing eviction or are homeless.

In certain cases of serious disrepair where a medical professional has provided evidence that the disrepair is resulting in the tenants experiencing health problems, legal aid is also available.

Depending on the level of your income, your legal advice and representation may be free or you may have to make a regular financial contribution towards the total cost of your case. You can check your eligibility for legal aid using the legal aid calculator which is available at

If you appear to be eligible for legal aid we will need evidence of your income from all sources for the last 3 months. You will need to provide bank/building society/post office statements for all accounts that you hold, wage slips, benefit award letters and your most recent benefit letters.

If you attend without the full evidence of your income which is required by the Legal Aid Agency, either you will have to pay for your appointment or we will not be able to see you.

If you have an appointment but are unclear what you need or are experiencing delays in obtaining the evidence, ring and discuss it with the person you are due to be meeting or with our team secretary.