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John McNulty

John McNulty

John McNulty is head of the Housing and litigation team and is an experienced Litigator. He was a member of the Law Society’s specialist personal injury Panel for 15 years and has been a member of the Housing Law Practitioners organisation for 20 years.

He was the solicitor for the Brixton Law centre during the 1980s and ran his own Law firm in South London for 13 years.

Since joining this firm in 2005 he has run a number of high profile cases and in the last two years five of these have reached the Court of Appeal.

John writes a regular column on legal matters for The Oxford Mail.

From 2014 to 2016 John acted for the defendant in the case of McDonald v McDonald ([2016] UKSC 28), appealing her case to both the Court of Appeal in 2014 and the UK Supreme Court in 2016. The defendant, a disabled woman, faced eviction from her home after her landlord’s mortgage provider sought repossession for arrears. This highly significant case determined the question of whether a tenant can resist eviction by a private landlord by raising a defence that their eviction would be a disproportionate interference with their Human Rights, specifically the right to respect for one’s home and private life.

In 2014 John acted for two women who grew up in the care of Oxfordshire County Council. During their childhoods these women suffered serious sexual and physical abuse and were among the victims involved in the events surrounding the Operation Bullfinch investigation into child sexual exploitation in Oxford. They both gave evidence in the subsequent criminal trial in 2013. John argued on behalf of these women that during their childhood, Oxfordshire County Council had missed crucial opportunities to prevent these women falling victim to physical and sexual abuse, in breach of the Council’s duty of care towards them. He successfully obtained out-of-court settlements for both of these women amounting to six-figure sums in each case.

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