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Cathy Gough

Cathy Gough

Cathy Gough is a caseworker in the Housing Department. She works in the Oxford office.

She has a degree from Bristol University and obtained her professional qualification from the Institute of Housing. She acquired extensive experience in London with the Brent Housing Aid Centre, Paddington Law Centre and was commissioned to set up and run two housing advice centres for the City of Westminster before joining Turpin & Miller LLP in 2007.

She delivered training for the Association of Housing Aid and was a member of the Joint Charities Commission, working to protect and extend homelessness legislation in the 1980's.

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“Cathy has made me feel comfortable with my problems and has now given me a chance to go on with life. Thank you.”

“Honestly, I don't know what I would have done without the services of Cathy - thank you Turpin & Miller.”

“Very helpful and did not look down on you because you had problems.”

“...treated me very professional and very fair no matter my ethnic background. The experience that I have is very helpful and satisfy... to me the Service is brilliant”